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the digital won't let me go

well, i just woke up for some reason, on my own. (i had to pee) but now i can't go back to bed. richard will be here in an hour or so anyway. we're going on a picnic. wooo.

obviously things worked out between us. he came over a few hours after i broke up with him and when i saw him i just started bawling like the big baby i am (x_x) but for the better, i suppose. we got back together and agreed to make some changes, i told him the truth about my particular 'smoking' habits, we talked everything over, and now we're good.

he stayed over at my house two nights in a row and it was a nice change of pace. really nice. we decided to do that more often, and we agreed that i'd spend two nights at his house at a time, three if i really wanted to, but usually just two.

so i'm going over for my first two night period. i've been really happy though, since we sort of worked things out. neither of us want to be another teenage on-again off-again statistical relationship, though, so i hope it never comes to that. though i guess technically we've broken up twice and gotten back together in the course of our relationship so far.

anyway. last night i hung out with emily and shaun, we got lost in northside spokane driving around residential areas looking for pizza rita. we finally found it and emily's friend trevor was working, so we got a completely FREE pizza but it tasted really weird so that was pretty effin' awesome.

i downloaded laika come home...goddamn what have i been missing! it's amazing. i love it. so much. ><

when we went to go pick up shaun i got to go to his house for the first time, and our kitten's mom was there, along with all our kitten's brothers and sisters...and they ALL looked exactly the same, and exactly like mizu. it was like a sleeping pile of mizus! awww it was sooo cuuute *explode*

anyway, shaun's house had a myriad of kitties and i was in kitty-heaven. it even had a cute mangy puppy. and there were some loud ducks and a pissed off goose. kind of funny how both emily's and my boyfriends live way out of the way, on a farm with tons of cats. i guess that's where they breed these strange emo-looking boys now.

AND it's supposed to rain sunday and monday! freakin' score man. freakin'...score.

that's all.
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