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on being 19 and old and crow's-foot'd

my computer was broken, but i fixed it.

for valentine's day (also, consequently, my birthday) i made reservations at p.f. chang's for dinner. all they had left when i called the day of was for 4:10 PM (such a weird time, i know). then the lady sounded extremely surprised when she asked, "and this is for two, correct?" and i said, "no, three."


so, i took richard and jesse out to eat. i gorged on crab wontons and banana spring rolls. GOD i love those.

richard was supposed to draw a sketch of me (NUDEZ0R!) for my birthday, because i really think he has a skill for drawing, even if he denies it...but he hasn't gotten around to it yet. oh well. half of it is my fault for not being like, "okay, i'm ready! let's do this."

from emily i got $15 and a card with titties on it. inside she wrote, "i know how much you like titties, so i got you a card with some on it." har har. but it was a nice card.

from my mom, i got $100 to sears and a coffee travel mug from starbucks. pink and red and covered in hearts and 'i love yous' in cursive script, naturally.

from grandma, a check for $150.

the broken-ness turned out to be faulty ram, but it took me nearly two weeks just to figure that out. i'm not too good with hardware issues.

but i'm sending the stick of ram back and getting it replaced under warranty. having only one gig of ram makes me paranoid that my computer is going to explode or melt any second. irrational, but justifiable, i feel.

i was getting really angry, because my computer broke basically the day after i bought my own, official copy of world of warcraft and i felt as though my free one month that came along with the $18.99 was going to be completely wasted. i'll have to make up for it by not sleeping for three days, i think.

meanwhile i've spent nearly 140 hours on final fantasy 12, plus another 30 hours on a new game i started. (not in the past week; those times are over the six months or so.)

i have two more side-quest bosses to defeat, two more hunts, and i have to finish the fishing side-quest, and then i'll have completely, utterly, totally beat the game. but one of those bosses is level 99 (i'm level 55-60) and has 50 MILLION hit points. the strategy guide book literally says, "prepare for a fight that will last several hours."


but it's my favorite game of all time (even moreso than kingdom hearts!). so i'm proud of the time i've poured into it. yes, proud.

i need to find a job. i didn't want it to come to this, but i might have to suck it up and apply at pizza hut or dominoes. the only experience i have is with pizza, and i don't want to work anywhere near a deep fat fryer.

even the call center hasn't called me back. christ.


in the spirit of being 19 years old, i thought to compile a list of things i've learned from my lower-teen years. i'm only going to list the things i remember from when i originally got the idea. i know i forgot a few.

-i've smoked officially for six years now. i can confidently, and truthfully say, i still am not addicted to it. i will wonder why for the rest of my life (or until i do become addicted).
-my 17 year old self was very convincing in the speeches she'd give me about how college was inconsequential and high school was a dull, pointless test of obscure intelligences. now that i'm out of high school, i see how easy those justifications were to make. and realize that i don't know what to do with my life except for continue schooling. or waste away in the pizza empire.
-everyone complains about how difficult living on your own is. it's not difficult when you inherit $20,000 from your long-dead father. without that money, i'd live at home with my mom until i rotted, i think.
-snow is all well and good. until you have to drive in it. then it becomes despicable. i don't care how pure the earth looks, it's fucking slippery and dangerous! don't be fooled.
-i worry less than most people i know.

well, that's all i remember. hopefully you can glean tidbits from my knowledge to assist yourself.

we also went into a whole foods market for the first time, with jesse as the lead navigator. we spent $10 on homemade, organic guacamole and it was the best thing i've ever tasted. i've had an insatiable craving for all things avocado lately, and it really hit the spot. it was gone the same day we bought it. and god damnit i want more.

until i think of more important things!
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