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living in portland

we've successfully embedded ourselves in portland!

link to pictures

the photos of our food-stocked cupboards are more peace of mind for our worried moms.

i got all the registration stuff for pcc and fafsa done online today, now i just have to wait to hear back from them...after that i can start taking the placement tests for reading, writing & math (i really hope i remember enough of math from three years ago so that i don't have to take another math class...ugh...) and then get my classes scheduled and registered and do all the other fun stuff, like parking permits and ID cards and buying books!

that's assuming the whole fafsa thing doesn't take three months (it says it COULD take UP TO three months...most people say theirs goes through in a couple weeks >_>)

i'm hoping the financial aid will be enough so that i'll only need a really, super-part-time job (maybe 20 hours a week) to be able to pay my bills.

we'll, here's hoping.
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