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hände hoch!

i took my written driver's test today; passed with an 80%, the bare minimum--but i passed! hooray!

i'm failing economics, but the teacher's really nice and said if i turned the three assignments i'm missing in by tomorrow she'll still give me full credit for them (and for effort too, even if i do them all wrong). awesome. plus there's a test tomorrow. that's the ONLY class i need to pass to graduate. figures.

we also got a $2,000 check from my grandma for a car. my mom called her old friend from church that found her a car when she needed one (the one she still has today, incidentally) and he happened to be selling one of his own cars and said he'd sell it to us for $1,100. it's a 1987 ford tempo, silver. since we have so much leftover money, my mom said i could get a stereo/cd player installed in it, too. the rest will go to licensing and registration and paying as much insurance ahead of time as i can.

i'm really happy that everything's finally starting to piece together in a finalized way. all that's left is getting insurance (for my mom and i both, since she's been using a fake insurance card for the past year), taking my driver's test once my mom's car is insured again, and then driving out to the valley where the guy lives after i get my license to get the car! no more waiting around wondering when things were going to get started. i'm really relieved. now i can get a job and not be dependent on everyone else and...become more adult-y. awesome.

in other news, i'm out of cigarettes. maybe my mom will be so stoked about me passing the written test that she'll let me go get some more from the gas station.

Diese Tat ist ihnen immer noch ferner
als die fernsten Gestirne
und doch haben sie dieselbe getan

hände hoch!

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