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go slowly, don't wake me up, don't shake me up

canada was fun. really pretty, REALLY pretty. lots of big giant snowy misty mountains everywhere...and the drive was beautiful, too. the drive there and back was sunny but the days we spent there were overcast. :< but we had nice toasty hot springs to stay warm in, so it was okay. we had some delicious fish and chips at the local pub, but the restaurant at the hotel was expensive and not that great (their hashbrowns weren't...normal...and jesse found a hair in his salad, and they made their fettuccine alfredo with white wine and i hate pastas made with wine).

we got lost once on the way there and once on the way back, and we didn't have an atlas...but we figured it out. we passed through nelson both times and it was a really cool little city. way cooler than any little US cities. plus their safeway had a WAY superior bakery and deli section, and EVERYTHING had french underneath the english words. sorta like the US with spanish, except spanish isn't nearly as prevalent everywhere. and we heard a bunch of french-speaking people. and some russians.

canada overall had a much cooler vibe throughout it. and it was neat seeing the little differences (like the french thing, and km/h instead of mph).

and then as soon as we got home, jesse, richard and i all pounced on our computers and played aoe2 all night. then the next day i bought thai food for the three of us with the birthday money i got (~$80).

i also got a check from my grandma for $2000 for a car! yeee! so sometime this week or next my mom's going to cash it and we're going to go get a car for me. and thursday we get DSL internet installed in our house, so i won't be on dial up anymore either. wooo! and strangely it'll be cheaper than our dial up currently is, just because we have a second phone line installed, which is like $30 a month (our isp is only $10).

and emily was sick today so i don't have a ride to school. awesome!
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