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relax, don't think about the way i treat you

so, today is my birthday! which you all already knew. in case you didn't know, however, it also happens to be valentine's day. so happy valentine's day! but mostly happy birthday to me.

i am EIGHTEEN. i wrote/typed that grammatically incorrect on PURPOSE, using letters instead of numbers to emphasize my legal age.

i bought a pack of cigarettes and got my ears pierced! i was going to sign myself out of 6th period early but there would be no point since emily was taking me to get my ears pierced and she's not 18 yet and therefore could not sign out early with me.

she also bought me a pair of red boxer-brief-panty-undies. things. they're cute with a button.

and i got some bubble bath and perfume in my current favorite (and most favorite so far) scent from bath and body works, japanese cherry blossom. and a white sparkly rubber ducky. so i'm gonna take a bubble bath soon.

i also got a balloon and stuffed animal and jade plant from richard during 6th period. :3 the jade plant was the best part; he remembered that they're my favorite plant...i was hoping he'd remember (if he was going to buy me anything, anyway) that i liked jade plants or daffodils...and he did! hooray. it was also the first time i've ever gotten any sort of present on my birthday/valentine's day during school! i always secretly wished i could be one of those people all flustered and running around the school with flowers (though when i finally was i just felt like a giant prat because the balloon kept hitting people in the face because i'm so short).

and mr. banger, my art teacher, made me a whale out of a plastic water bottle, paperboard, and clear tape.

richard is coming over after work tonight at 10, so i'm happy. my day was fairly fulfilling.

and also it's raining right now. :3 <3<3<3
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